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This gives us great confidence in saying that we provide you with something which is the best and is becoming the talk of the town. In the short span of our operations, we have numerous enthusiastic testimonials from our customers.

We also serve party orders for ice creams and outdoor catering. Birthday, anniversary, office get together parties, and other small gathering parties are also celebrated.

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Sweet Memories Café, a premier coffee shop, bakery and fast food lounge is a concept that incorporates fine quality coffee varieties, Chinese cuisine along with bakery products and exclusive scoops of Vadilal Icecream. The place gives you great taste with fantastic ambience. Established in 2015 with the idea of providing the city with a great place to hang out and relish mouth watering delicacies. Sweet Memories is an exclusive scooping franchisee of Vadilal in the city.

Why choose us?

Relish our coffee varieties, tea flavours, tasty Chinese, cakes and pastries, Mocktails, Pizzas which are undoubtedly the best, burgers and sandwiches.

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Coco Cake
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Green Tea
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Next to AbdullahPetrol Pump,
Kaladhungi Road , Kusumkhera , Haldwani(UK)

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